Walled Garden

This was one of our first projects. It is a Regency walled garden in central Brighton. It’s almost completely shaded by a particularly unattractive sycamore tree but has a lovely secluded “secret garden” feel. We painted parts of it to lift it and took 2 circular shapes to break up the square imposing feeling.
The garden had not been used for about 20 years and the borders were full of builders waste from the house conversion. We dug out and sieved the raised beds and built a raised area back filled with topsoil to create a lawn. We mounted a bird bath in smaller circle and laid turf in the larger circle. We also put a lot of tall planting in to lift the feel of the garden. A common mistake with small gardens is to plant low but they need defining height.

"I took Heidi on because I was at the end of my tether with my dark dry shade garden in the centre of Brighton. Her ideas were informed and she lifted and lightened the garden into a sanctuary for me. I wouldn’t hesitate and haven’t hesitated to recommend her to anyone needing a gardener."
Janet from Hove

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