Children's Garden

This was an area of scrub waste land in a grand garden in Forest Row. We cleared the endless brambles and laid weed membrane and 4 tonnes of bark chip down as a base.I found a local carpenter to source coppice sweet chestnut and commissioned him to make a picnic area and rocking horse. We built an insect home at the back of the garden out of old pallets which the children helped me fill with natural products to offer a home for wildlife. We built three semi circular planters, one for each child to grow their own plants and placed wooden stepping stones throughout. The children selected a colour scheme for their planting. Last time I was working in this garden there were 7 children all playing happily, I personally judged this as a bit of a triumph.

"Heidi has been working in my garden and is wonderful at involving the children. She has designed a wonderfully organic children's play space. In the space they have their own flower corners; she has built an insect home/sculpture to attract ladybirds, woodlice, dragonflies, etc, and an area to have tea! She has inspired the children by involving them at each stage and getting their hands dirty. Thank you for such inspiration!"
Ingrid from Forest Row

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