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www2.gre.ac.uk Greenwich offers a broad BA in Garden Design and Jamie will certainly get the best from you.
www.plumpton.ac.uk A good introduction to Horticulture and Garden Design.
www.gardenhousebrighton.co.uk Bridgette and Debra are fonts of knowledge and offer lovely courses.

Gardening Links

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www.rhs.org.uk Royal Horticultural Society. Preserving gardening knowledge for future generations.
www.realseeds.co.uk The Real Seed Catalogue. The best vegetables for the kitchen garden.
www.gardenmuseum.org.uk The Garden Museum explores and celebrates British gardens.


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www.picturehouses.co.uk Duke of York’s Cinema. Quality cinema for the discerning patron and the only cinema to grow vegetables.
www.woodrecycling.org.uk Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project. The first organisation of its kind to exist in the UK to reuse and recycle usable wood.

Inspirational Websites

Link Description
www.ben-law.co.uk Woodsman, Author and legendary Grand Designs house builder.
www.gardeningwithchildren.co.uk Gardening with Children. Interactive outdoor classroom.
www.blueforest.com Blue Forest Tree Houses. Exclusive Tree Houses & Eco lodges.
www.mountainbikekerala.com Mountain Bike Holidays in India – Some of the best mountain bike trails in the world with a commitment to responsible tourism.

Gardens to visit

Link Description
www.ngs.org.uk National Gardening Scheme. Gardens open for charity.
www.greatdixter.co.uk Great Dixter House and Gardens. Christopher Lloyd’s legendary garden.
www.bethchatto.co.uk Beth Chatto Gardens. Gardening for specific conditions.

Designers who inspire (cherry picked, there are so many)

Link Description
www.tomstuartsmith.co.uk Outstanding British landscape designer.
www.andysturgeon.com A creative but fiercely practical designer.
www.clevewest.com A passionate designer and vegetable gardener.
www.verticalgardenpatrickblanc.com Vertical garden designer extraordinaire.
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