Go Brighton Go

Britain in Bloom award ceremony will take place later this month in Birmingham. 

Brighton and Hove have entered as well as areas such as Brunswick and Kemp Town. 

We were involved with the Brunswick trail getting St. Nicholas Church ready for judging and as always assisting Peggy Thomas in whatever way possible at the Waterloo Street Community Gardens. 

I really hope we win as I feel the council have done some magnificient planting this year. 

The Old Steine, Level and Fountain have never looked better and the wild flower planting along the Lewes Road was uttlerly inspired. 

It cheered up many a journey to Lewes for us and hundreds of other commuters. 

It really does bring home the importance of bringing the community together and making it an area to feel proud of.

The council are always keen to get feedback from residents about the work they have been doing within the plants and parks sector.  After many phone calls and redirections I found the person to speak to about this and he told me that if you email cityparks@brighton/hove.gov.uk they keep all your feedback on record and therefore can show management that the work is not going unnoticed by the electorate!  It’s how the system works.  So if you fancied emailing that would be just great.

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