The Chelsea hotel for insects

The Chelsea Hotel for InsectsNow is the time to tuck our beautiful wildlife up for the winter. I built this insect condominium for a children’s garden about 2 years ago and it is really starting to come into it’s own.  I found a sheltered quiet spot and just used old pallets and stuffed them with bamboo canes, leaf mulch, moss,perforated bricks, old carpet and doormats, tree trunks and pinecones .

I heard a great tip from Bob Flowerdew on Gardeners’ Question time this week.  It was to use your sweetcorn stems in 2 meter pieces and tie a bundle together.  Then place them in your hedgerow.  Bob has not found a more effective way to attract ladybirds.

St. George’s Church, Kemp Town.

St. George's Church Front Garden

St. George's Church Front Garden

I was thrilled to get a call last April, from the Church committee of St. George’s, Kemp Town. They have successfully secured a National Lottery Green Spaces Grant to redesign their Community Garden. St George’s Church is directly between the Royal Sussex County Hospital and the Bristol Bar in Kemp Town.

Three Brighton Based Gardening Businesses were invited to submit a design for their outdoor space. I was particularly excited about this project as I used to live round the corner from the church and have spent many a happy hour reading a book and relaxing in the church gardens. At the end of May I submitted our design.

The public have been voting over the last month and and I should get the results of the vote in the next few weeks. 

Watch this space

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