Oh Brother

I took on a project last week, to design and plant up the gardens in a development in East Grinstead. There was a communal border which stretched 26 meters and 2 gardens in the ground floor flats. The brief was cost effective and low maintenance planting. I was however quite determined to meet this brief with a really beautiful and wildlife supporting but quite minimalistic planting scheme. I chose 5 key plants (which as a passionate plantswoman is quite a feat).

I chose Himalayan Birch (Betula utilis Jacquemontii) which has stunning white bark and male catkins in spring. To complement this in winter I choose the red stems of Cornus alba “Elegantissima” and the glossy leaves of Sarcocca confusa. Finally I added white Japanese Anemones and Clematis Armandii. The plants were ordered, planted, watered in and mulched. Everything went to plan and the developer and Housing Trust were thrilled. I myself was very proud of introducing pollinating plants to a low maintenance scheme.

I got a phone call this morning from the developer, a group of lads broke into site last night and stole every last plant and pulled the trellis and baton from the walls. Apparently there is quite a mess to clear up. Being a lady, I won’t repeat the developer’s words, but I am back to East Grinstead next week.

Go Carefully

Whilst digging a trug of bark chip to mulch a freshly planted tree, I discovered and nearly decapitated this little fellow.


Frogs and toads love warm humid places and a covered mulch container is just perfect.
In order to attract our little amphibian friends they like

  • Ponds with shallow edges or logs and rocks to break up a steep edge.
  • Native planting within the pond to offer shade and a home for them to lay their frogspawn
  • An area of leaf mulch or soft soil to hibernate in.

In return, they will eat mosquitoes and their larvae, slugs, snails and flies, which suit me just fine!

I have a client who wants a pond within her vegetable garden so watch this space for photos and updates.

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